- 2017 Tentative Show Schedule -

Hits Thermal Week 2

  • Jan 24th to 29th


Hits Thermal Week 3

  • Jan 31st to Feb 5th


Thermal Week 7

  • March 7th to 12th


Thermal Week 8

  • March 14th to 19th


Blenheim Spring Classic 3 (San Juan Capistrano)

  • April 5th to 9th


Blenheim Spring Classic 4 (San Juan Capistrano)

  • April 11th to 15th


Woodside Spring Preview

  • April 27th to May 1st


Sonoma Horse Park Spring Classic

  • May 10th to 14th


Sonoma HMI Equestrian Challenge

  • May 17th to 21st


Sonoma HMI June Classic

  • June 14th to 18th


Oregon High Desert Classic 1

  • July 18th to 23rd


Oregon High Desert Classic 2

  • July 26th to 30th

Menlo Charity Show

  • Aug 8th to 13th


Blenheim Summer Classic 2 (San Juan Capistrano) (CPHA Finals)

  • Aug 16th to 20th


Showpark Summer Classic (San Diego)

  • Aug 23rd to 27th


Portuguese Bend (PCHA Finals only)

  • Sep 8th to 10th


Blenheim Fall Tournament (San Juan Capistrano) (Maclay Regionals)

  • Sep 13th to 17th


Strides and Tides Sonoma

  • Sep 13th to 17th


Sonoma Horse Park Season Finale

  • Sep 20th to 24th


Norcal Finals (Norcal Medal Finals)

  • Oct 11th to 15th


Central CA Fall Classic (Paso Robles)

  • Nov 1st to 5th


Central CA Oak Tree Classic (Paso Robles)

  • Nov 8th to 12th


Las Vegas National (WCE Finals)

  • Nov 14th to 19th